Faces that tend to overflow in dynamic and expressive color splotches that create disturbing, penetrating and inquiring looks. Lips and features that, at some points, remind us of the faces of Oswaldo Guayasamin. Although unlike the Ecuadorian teacher, in
Rodrigo Wise-Gómez's works the expressions on their face do not reflect anguish, but a certain
serenity with a double meaning. They investigate us and question our perception of reality, since they are recognizable forms, but those that rest in the deepest realms of the subconscious. The pictorial gestures pose a game between background and foreground, where the limits are not exactly marked. The focal point of his paintings are on the expressive features of the subject. The artist argues that his works express their dreams, and this is true since recognizable spaces only exist on the canvas. In "Singing the Lottery" he plays on the daily symbolism of gambling, a game where everything can be possible. The artist even invites us to return to that compulsive search of a material and physical well-being. In one of his works, viewers see how the globe becomes the heart, and is carried on the back of an atlas fighter-figure. Various readings exist for his symbolic universe. Wise's work invites us to rethink ourselves, as people, and as Latin Americans, with our own identities.


Rodrigo Wise’s artwork depicts strong, mysterious gazes in female faces full of possibilities, opportunities and expectations. These are revealed throughout their intense characteristics, varied textures, shocking colors, disproportionate facial features, beauty gestures, as well as through Wise’s artistic traits such as drippings, brushstrokes, and brushwork traces. With a carefree style and free outlines, the artist captures in his paintings the richness and diversity of the facial expressions, giving each one a unique personality, a personal mark. He plays endlessly with the position,
orientation and sizing of the eyes, making it the focal point in most of his pieces, for they communicate the artist’s dreams, ideas, desires and thoughts, in other words, his very essence.

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