The painting preserves the mystery of silence, this is obvious in the works of the artist Renata De La Peña, but it is not only the mysterious silence that we glimpse in her work; It is also the symbolic mystery of the golden color, the permanence and the eternal are combined in her compositions. In Renata De La Peña’s works, the impermanent desire to connect worlds above and below is realized, as a dream not realized by the human being, contrasting worlds of color, of vertical and horizontal lines and spaces, Renata balances very well, the weight of the composition inviting us to enter its visual game, placing some geometric element that contains the potential of the composition itself. And it is in the detail of that linear plot where we can begin, to unveil the mystery of her artworks.


My art is inspired by the beautiful culture and colors of Mexico and the handcrafts of this amazing country. When I  start painting, I think of a place I've seen and I like to transmit the amazing colors. Most important my pieces have framework, this for me is one of the most important things I  like to transmit because it represents the doors and windows in the houses of Mexico. You see them in almost any house or Hacienda in Mexico, and for me this framework represents a symbolic way of life. When I think about my life, I think about all the windows and doors I  have opened and closed in my life. They have guided me to this moment in my life, some good, some sad, but all of them have showed me something important and have made me what I am to this day. They have showed me amazing adventures and places. My art is to have a nostalgic experience, so my paintings represent not only places but experiences that I've had, and all of them have an energy that I  like to send all over the people. Positive energy that I  feel we all need to distribute. 

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