In the work of Rebeca Segura there is a glimpse of chaos and life itself, the chaos of the urban with all it's dynamism, the of contradictions and successes. In the midst of that noise of things we find the spatial cramming of sequential forms and writings. Sequential figurative details that balance the composition.


The writer Ferreira Gullar made reference to her discipline that “literature existed because life isn’t enough” and I dared to take her words to also say that “Art exists because life is not enough”. I have always been enthralled with visual art. My restless need to express my emotions and feelings have become as much of a necessity as breathing. I have progressed from figurative painting to abstract expressionism and am captivated with the nuances and textures that feed

the work, creating a unique seal of energy within each painting. At the beginning of my artistic career, I painted what my eyes saw. Today, I paint what my soul feels. My work is formed by layers and like life itself, each piece is an experience with distinct taste, color, and texture, similar to how our souls lie in each experience. I am captivated by documenting time through the use of collage and abstraction. I concentrate on expressing the
radiography of our contemporary world while fusing it with ancestral wisdom that is inspired with Celtic symbols, Latin phrases, or poems written in Tzotzil. All of these ideas are mixed with materials such as mirrors, paper, natural resins, and woven wool; resulting in work that is loaded with energy and embody concepts from years past as well as present day.

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