A unique interpretation of reality without a romantic touch, but rather detached and spontaneous. This is the essence of the work of Julio Cesar Munevar. The artist states that his work is part of a "spontaneous realism" which, in a sense, relates him to the French teacher Gustave Courbet, creator of realism. That realism in MUNEVAR can be glimpsed through the choice of themes; there is a certain spontaneity in terms of their selection, but not in terms of the execution of the work since the pictorial and gestural impulse is controlled and measured. The painter MUNEVAR is a recorder of everyday life, that is why there are minimal variations in his WORKS. One might think when observing his work that the idea is to register even the smallest movement of his characters through his brushstrokes. This way of working also relates him in a certain sense with the look of the impressionist painters. Those whom, through their work, try to register everyday life and their happy bucolic scenes. Gestural painting between the initial impulse and the controlled gesture, within a universe of the great idols, are part of their symbolic imaginary.


Munevar is an arquitect from La Salle university in Bogotá, city where he was born in 1986. Although he is a man from multiple cities. He has lived in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, Pereira and Medellin. Spontaneous realism is a pictoric movement in which the autor crafts pieces that obey to his primal impulses facing the reality that he was to represent. Voka, an austrian author, started with this tendency that he labeled as “momentaneous impulse without conscious reflection”. Cesar was impacted by the day by day use of color. He saw himself interested by technic, because we wants his productions become spontaneous and it gives setoff to everything that reality offers as aesthetic enjoy. Is a diehard fan from Millonarios [soccer team from Bogotá]. This is important, because, even when is hard to believe,
soccer is strongly attached to his artistic history: because he was injured during a soccer match he was in bed many months. He started doing sketches and he
crafted a plan that he partially achieved: take the walls of his house and turn them into beautiful murals. His parents just let him do the experiment in his room. Since then he hasn’t stopped producing and now that he is living in Tenjo he hopes to keep producing and experimenting.

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