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Ralwins Art Gallery has stood out in recent years for its great achievement and growth presenting and promoting artistic talents during the spectacular Miami Art Week. Continuing with its growth and goals, the Gallery initiated this project with the support of other entrepreneurs and artists with visions for the arts.

Our platform is designed intentionally for the development of the independent artist's career. Events during Miami Art Week aim to attract buyers, collectors, galleries, businesses, publicists and other influential art sponsors who travel from all over the world attracted by the most powerful and recognized fairs, Art Basel, Art Miami, Scope, etc. As a curated event whose team develops a perfect image to represent who you are and allow you to make a remarkable impression with a multimedia marketing package, we handle all the essential details to ensure a professional presentation and representation according to today's technology.

Art sales: artist keeps 85% of sales and we collect 15% commission.

Half-page in the print and digital catalog, where additional pages are available for a 30% discount.

A web page in the virtual gallery with images, biography and reviews.

One year free membership of Online Sales Platform with 30/70 commission percentage.

Attentive management of the configuration and visualization of art during installation.

We comply with all the permits, insurance and licenses required by the venue as well as the State of Florida and the City of Miami.

An extensive multimedia marketing package.

Representation that begins 2 months before and 6 months after the event.

Newsletters presenting artists to our complete database registry consisting of more than 10,000 registrants.

Publish your art on our social media  networks.

Press Release exposing you to our media connections.

White  wall 10 or 8 feet height x 5 feet wide (12.7 cm).

Artist's credential will be provided for access to the event, and electronic access for unlimited FREE VIP passes until the day before the event.

Sculptors, please contact us with information and dimensions of your work for pricing.

How to Participate?

Just send your artistic presentation by email, images of artwork, biography, artist's statement and/or video to be reviewed by our curator and admission team. You will receive a written communication informing you of their decision. If accepted, you must reserve your space with a 30% non-refundable deposit as soon as possible as space is limited. You are welcome to make payment arrangements, but the balance must be paid in full by August 31, 2019.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, USA checks and bank deposits/wire. An 8% sales tax of the State of Georgia will be imposed according to the law. Payments are final, non-refundable nor transferable.

We accept

All credit cards

PayPal and Zelle: artist.yorkaralwins@gmail.com


Wire Transactions name:

  • Ralwins Art Gallery OR 

  • Yorka Ralwins

Bank: Wells Fargo Bank

Address: 420 Montgomery Street

                 San Francisco, CA 94104

Account: 1010257739663

Wire Transfer Routing: 121000248