Every artist passionate about what he does, wants to create wonderful and aesthetic worlds; this is the case with Jacinto González GASQUE. With a long career, he walks among very pictorial worlds. The essence of his art inspiration argues that making art is only a job. He believes that there can be no compromise other than to apply passion for what he does to constant work. Creativity is inherent in being human, but in artists these creative capacities expand dimensions in all its magnitude. The worlds of GASQUE are sometimes figurative and sometimes abstract. In the atmospheres of abstract color, his gestures build the immaterial. The outside does not show what is prevalent, it is the inner and subjective world of the abstract painter. His works are colored surfaces that retain a mental order established by the artist.

His figurative work shows an obsessive perfection in composition. The construction of the painting itself strays away from learned schematic patterns, and is not installed in a creative place but within the imagination. He uses continuous motion, as well as dynamic, vivid colors; the artist himself supports this passion when he says: “what I do, I do with the soul.” He does not force himself to create for anyone but himself. He paints daily and reflects through his works the moments lived. His particular world is his inspiration, and viewers find in his works a haven of tranquility that is so needed in this turbulent and chaotic society.

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