Cuezta Lazzo is an abstract expressionist painter with great chromatic colors, which have a tectonic sense in the construction of his compositions. In his works the abstract forms are combined in a succession of chaotic forms that is why this chaos is fundamental, since he helps build it. The succession of layers of color give this tectonic sense form the total of his work. Also, the spots are expansive and sequential, everything flows but at the same time everything is static. We know that the representational disappears completely in his work, but in a fluid and enriching way.


I am a plastic artist born in the middle of the world. In the Ecuadorian Andes, full of magic and mystery…. Between the great Amazon Jungle to the east and the majestic Pacific Ocean to the west… Citizen of the world… since very young heard other drums, which took me to find in painting, the soothing of my soul… and a key tool for communication. Painter par excellence, I courts with courage the subject and attack the canvas with burning desire! Building up love in my work… I obtain its substance because my work is not a place to capture a real or imaginary object… It rather is a space to stage a dramatic question of life! My artistic production is resumed in the following phrase, that I made mine over 20 years ago… I paint what I am, what I know, what I can, and what I want!

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