They say that "eyes are the windows of the soul" but in Fabio Torres' work it is the windows themselves that become protagonists in his compositions. The artist
possesses a purity of spirit in his work; it is intended to say with this: that his very particular figuration has the charm not contaminated by existing concepts or theories or pictorial currents. Fabio's work is very self-referential to our urban capitalist societies where the marginality of human beings and their habitat can be found, however his paintings are not noisy but instead maintains an unperturbed silence. His windows with
their shutters closed do not allow us to glimpse what is behind or if there is a more inside or a more outside and the mystery remains, but the viewer's gaze does not feel
rejected but restless to know. Maybe if we could see what is behind these shutters we approach what sustains the artist that his leaks and his encounters have that character of opening to other possible worlds through his thinking. His mixed techniques integrate
the real and the painted or doubly painted, in the urban scenes he presents us with one of these overpopulated places where he lives day by day almost with the haste of not knowing where nostalgia, boredom or doubt is situated.


Publicist graduated from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá, Colombia.


He designed and illustrated record and book covers throughout the years for companies such as Mc Graw Hill, Carvajal, Norma, Uniandinos and Sony Music, without leaving aside his photography and paintwork wonder. Complementing it with paint courses at the National University of Colombia as well as private courses with the artist Maria Claudia López.


Working on different techniques, with his work he seeks to show an artistic expression with texture, forms and color. Having as a result a simple style admired and respected by the receiver. 

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