The artist Carlos Genova is a tireless traveler of both look and thought. His use of movement has been developed by the diverse, creative looks of others painters, and in many ways adopts the figurative world of them. Not only does looking through the eyes of music, literature, and other painters feed his creative universe, they also nourish it. However, it is not a stable and fixed universe, but one that tends to transform and
His world is so ever-changing, that he often reinvents himself by breaking his own creative routines in order to achieve dynamic creations, by combining different styles and techniques. In his figuration we find a kind of inverse path: first cubism, by Picasso, influenced by African masks and sculpture, but dissassociative of Picasso in regards to the compositional background and figurative treatment. Carlos Genova manages to integrate them in a particular way without separating them sharply, but balancing them in a subtle and aesthetic way. In addition to it's coloration and figuration, we find the influence of Cuban painters such as Wilfredo Lam, Israel León, or Begging. On the other hand, the artist cites in his influences teacher Victor Hugo Zayas, especially in his elongated and expressionist sculptural figures. In his larger works, we see worlds crammed in configuration, that also feels clean and atmospheric. Totemic styles are framed in dream worlds of memory that are personal to the artist, with a permanence that remains in the mind of the creator and becomes visible in his canvases.

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