Line and gesture guide the hand of the artist Camilo Celis, and obey his fine art mind. In his work he plays a color chromatic game, where the faces of famous people stand out in very spontaneous drips of color. The playful and the chromatic are combined, in a "Ludichromia" way that the artist creates in order to explain his creative work. In that chromatic game, the artist's feelings are amalgamated, integrating themselves into the faces of the personalities. His figurative expressionism does not have an unbridled sense - as far as the representation of the characters- rather, it has a controlled feeling. The faces do not deform, but they are integrated with a sense of mimesis to appear uncontrolled and spontaneous. Since 2012, he has established painting as his artistic language, with which he assembles his visual proposal. Producing dynamic spectators and different sensations of chromatic travel, he invites us to a state of contemplation and aesthetic enjoyment.

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