The artist Angélica Moran, acquired a taste for the line and drawing from an early age, which is why her aesthetic sensibility was expanded in her training stage by the great masters of painting. In her compositions, the geometric elements alternate on one hand, the symbolic elements on the other hand and finally a very particular figuration. By observing her geometric abstract works we can intuit that the shapes are reduced to geometric lines and figures whose colors have a special palette; these abstract forms float in spaces of color becoming light and weightless. They are paintings that invite us to aesthetic contemplation and silence. In her figurative works, lines and colors, build
special symbolic universes which inquire about our Latin-American roots and identities. We know that painting is a language of silence and contemplation at the same time. Looking at Angelica's works, one finds that natural reality and abstract reality alternate in intense dialogues. Through these dialogues, there is the possibility of joining her aesthetic universe, at that precise moment of contemplation in which the individual dilutes and then it begins to appear a universe of her own, which is her visual thought.


Originally from Mexico City, since Angelica was a child, she identified with drawing by creating cut-out dolls, designed her wardrobe and accessories, decorated to play imaginary games by herself.


After several attempts to take painting and sculpting classes, and not having parents, she drew and molded sculptures within her abilities. Coincidentally, she was mentored by her first painting teacher, who led her to initiation her artistic abilities. He discovered her talent and accelerated it by advising her to attend exhibitions, museums and to start a collection of art books.

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